Started healing

I met Cole through someone else – you could say it was a divine appointment. Never found a like-minded individual like myself, so I started to listen and grow. Met with Cole & Laura at their home and felt the

Joshua M

Nasal Issues healed!

During Rock worship and prayer time I was healed! For years I had nasal and sinus issues that would require surgery to correct.  But that night the Lord corrected that. While praying I heard movement in my nasal cavity; it

Judith M

PTL for He is Faithful!

“LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” ~ Psalms 30:2 After several months of praying, believing and waiting on the Lord, He cleared my eyes of night blindness!!! Hallelujah!! Praise God from Whom all

Margaret C

Could ONLY be a miracle

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to you and your prayer warrior friends on behalf of Mason. I know this was a miracle because the lymph node was very close to the cancerous tumor and was suspicious in how

Lydia M

The Lord’s Presence

At the meeting last Friday the presence of the Lord was so thick and powerful! I had a hard time breathing and walking when I went to the floor after Laura laid hands on me and prayed. I tried to

Judith M.

I’m a new person

I have had a BLESSED wonderful day!!! I feel like a new person, enjoying every minute!!! I have been praising the Lord for all that he has done in my

Verla N.

Jesus healed me!

My night has been amazing so far! God just healed my knee and also my stomach problem…. Jesus is awesome

Steven C.


“Extra humbled we are honored by God for putting THE ROCK ministry in our lives. Thank you so much for the love and standing with our family all the time we don’t take this lightly. We appreciate you all may

Ammy M

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